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At Bitcoin Victoria we are happy to take you step-by-step until you are comfortable using Bitcoin.

Wallet Setup & Creation

In order to own Bitcoin, you need to have a wallet in which to hold them. This requires downloading a wallet application on your phone, computer, or external device, and then backing up your secret key so that you never lose access to your coins, even if your device is lost or damaged. We'll take you step-by-step through this process.

Exchange Trading

Some Bitcoin users just hold, while others enjoy trading on online exchanges. The two main purposes for this are to trade between between Bitcoin and altcoins, or to gamble on the price of Bitcoin in the futures market. There are risks associated with using online exchanges, but you can minimize the chances that something goes awry.

Sending and Receiving

Whether you are purchasing Bitcoin from us or receiving it elsewhere, you must provide the sender with your public address. Once you've got it, you'll eventually want to spend or sell it! This requires obtaining the public address of the receiver. There's more than way one to do this. We'll gladly demonstrate!

Cold Storage

Storing small amounts of Bitcoin on your phone is fine, but for larger amounts, we recommend using an offline device. The most user-friendly way to do this is with a hardware wallet, the most popular of which is the Ledger Nano S. Fortunately, we have them for sale! We'll help you set yours up and show you how to use it.

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